Totara Perform

Catalyst IT is a multi-region Totara Platinum Partner. Our technical expertise can help you harness the power of your performance management system.

The team at Catalyst can work with you to install, optimise and customise your Totara performance management system, allowing your team to focus on the talent management and development of your greatest resource, your people.

What is Totara Perform?

Totara Perform is a corporate performance management system that's adaptable to your business operations

Improve your business with an all-in-one (AIO) portfolio of performance management capabilities  – from annual reviews and appraisals through to 360 degree feedback and goal based personal development plans.

This short 2 minute video provides an overview of the open-source performance management system 


Achieve an agile performance management system

Totara Perform supports your employees in delivering value for your business and in realising their full potential:

  • Assess skills – assign and measure skills and competencies in your teams
  • Evaluate teams – identify strengths and areas for development
  • Set performance goals – assign individual goals that motivate staff members
  • Track development – monitor progress with real-time metrics and reporting

How Totara Perform enables a productive, optimal workforce 

Tailor to your organisation's operational needs

Support the full range of performance management practices to enable optimal talent management.

Manage performance with minimal disruption

Streamline the performance management process by integrating with Human Capital Management (HCM) applications such as payroll and recruitment.

Generate meaningful performance reviews

Powerful graphical reporting identifies high/low performers and promotes action-oriented, meaningful interactions between managers and their staff.

Align managers and staff with flexible performance review processes

Improve and introduce new appraisal processes with ease; create synergy between employee and organisational goals

Create custom features for your organisation

Tailor the platform to support your business processes and improve workflows.

Conduct systematic staff appraisals with 360 degree feedback

Objectively gauge strengths and opportunities for development by balancing self-evaluation with input from peers, team members, managers and more.

Explore the latest version – Totara 17

The latest Totara release brings improvements to Totara Learn, Totara Engage and Totara Perform, as well as sitewide improvements applied to the full Talent Experience Platform. It includes a number of exciting usability and user experience improvements, as well as a number of behind-the-scenes technical updates to help future proof your Totara site and ensure it can evolve and grow alongside your organization:

  • Performance UI/UX
  • Bulk create competency achievement paths
  • New layout options
  • Centralised notifications
  • Technical updates

Download Totara 17 Factsheet here.

Watch this short 5 minute video overview

How Catalyst IT supports Totara Perform


Software solution consulting

Consultancy, including requirements analysis and solution design.


Managed services

Managed hosting, including multi-region 24/7 Follow the Sun support and response.


Systems integration and development

Development and integration, including theming and design.


e-Learning consulting

e-Learning consulting with expert Totara specialists.

Benefits of working with a Totara Platinum Partner

Why choose Catalyst IT for your Totara Perform services

  • We are the Totara Global Partner of The Year 2020 and a trusted multi-region IT service provider for many large organisations
  • We have in-depth experience of working with Totara technology for major clients such as Kmart Australia
  • We are Open Source software development experts having delivered 20+ years of support for e-learning technology
  • We offer 24/7 Follow the Sun support, providing real-time response to issues as they arise
  • We can extend your Totara Engage site with a wide range of additional plug-in Moodle modules
  • We offer security and reassurance in building and auditing open source code
  • Enjoy the ongoing benefits of Totara Perform (and open source) community contributions
  • Feel secure with world-class hosting in our AWS architecture offering exceptional performance, reliability and high availability

Get help in installing, customising and maintaining your Totara Performance Management System