Custom Software Development Services - Laravel PHP framework

Catalyst IT are a trusted software and IT managed service provider for complex, content heavy, high traffic websites where cost, scalability and security are critical.

The PHP Laravel framework is highly popular for its security, functionality and open source nature. Catalyst IT Australia are highly skilled in a variety of programming languages and frameworks including Laravel.

Why choose Catalyst IT for your custom development needs


Catalyst IT are ISO27001 certified and have been in business for 20+ years. We are trusted by many respected organisations in the Education, Health, Government, Not-for-profit and Commercial sectors.  We’ve helped numerous clients with their custom software development needs, including design, development, migration and hosting.

Hiring practices

At Catalyst, we’ve built a process to ensure we get top quality programmers.  In addition to testing candidates for specific skills and problem solving abilities, we check how user-centric their outputs and supporting communications are to ensure alignment with our quality policy and clients’ requirements.

No vendor lock-ins

The experienced development team at Catalyst create enterprise-grade custom applications using open source programming languages.  There’s no vendor lock-in or upfront licence fees, so you simply pay for the features that you need and ongoing servicing.

Agile methodology

We are committed to managing projects using the Agile methodology, breaking projects into a number of key phases.  As IT professionals, we collaborate closely with our clients, checking small iterations of code releases along the way.  When our clients see a concept come alive, they can then start to adjust their expectations as to what is possible.

Secure infrastructure and 24/7 support

Our highly optimised cloud infrastructure and 24/7 support offer our clients flexibility, cost efficiencies and peace of mind.

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The power of Laravel Framework

  • Open source content management system (CMS)
  • Built in authentication and authorisation
  • Excellent security features
  • Large community of developers
  • Flexible to a wide range of application needs

Why choose Laravel?

The Laravel framework offers a number of advantages, including a wide range of built-in features that streamline the overall development process, comprehensive documentation and built-in security features.  The Laravel framework is backed by a large community of developers and a wide range of third-party resources that extend the framework’s capability to address specific needs for organisations in various industries.  The Laravel framework is used for a wide range of applications from simple websites to complex enterprise level software solutions and is famous for it’s flexibility.

The Laravel framework is actively maintained and regularly updated with improvements and security patches.

Catalyst services to support the use of Laravel framework

Our expert Custom Development team provide a full range of services for enterprise business applications and websites using PHP Laravel and other popular open source languages and frameworks.  Our services include:

Website assessments and consultancy

You may need help to assess your organisation’s needs and how the Laravel framework can help you realise your goals, whether that is building a new website, developing your existing one or migrating to a new one.  Catalyst IT will work with your team to review requirements: design implementation discovery, migration discovery, development cost estimates, module/distribution functional assessment, component architecture,
high-level design, content-type specifications and risk planning.

PHP Laravel framework theme development and enhancement

Are you looking to extend the functionality of your existing site? We can identify and add new useful features and make User Experience (UX) improvements.

If it’s brand enhancement and visual design that’s your focus, we can align your site to your brand and re-design it to meet your goals and the needs of your end users.

Laravel framework upgrades

If it’s a major version upgrade you’re after, we have expertise in rebuilding older sites into the latest version.

Content migration

Getting content migration right is critical to maintaining service levels to your website visitors.  Catalyst has a wealth of expertise in delivery and migration of complex, content heavy, high traffic sites.


Looking to create a seamless UX across your site? Catalyst develop bespoke open source e-commerce solutions to meet the requirements of your business that integrate into your website.

Laravel framework CMS integration

Integration is at the heart of digital transformation.  It enables collaboration, provides accessibility and ease of use for your users.  We can integrate your site with platforms and services that your business interfaces with: external or locally-hosted.

Load testing

Catalyst can run load tests on your systems to understand what your current maximum capacity is and give you proactive suggestions to address any shortfall.  This will:

  • Ensure lightning fast load speeds;
  • Maintain a positive user experience for your learners;
  • Avoid system crashes that are disruptive, stressful and can cause reputational damage.

Cloud migration & cloud hosting

Catalyst provides cost-effective cloud hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver the ultimate in flexibility, scalability, and security for high performance websites.

Whether you are undertaking digital transformation from on-premise infrastructure,  migrating to the cloud for the first time, or you’re migrating from another cloud hosting provider, we can help. A smooth cloud migration is critical to maintaining the availability and performance  of your website; careful analysis, planning and execution is the key to success.

Managed services for open source software

If you need comprehensive support for your site, we provide a fully managed service.  Alternatively, you can buy blocks of support to flex with your requirements: technical issues or day-to-day design support.

Catalyst’s expert AWS cloud team is multi-region, offering 24/7 Follow-the-Sun support and access to resources.

Benefits of working with Catalyst IT Australia

Why choose Catalyst IT for your custom development service needs

  • 20+ years experience in open source software development
  • Highly experienced developers
  • World-class hosting on AWS architecture for exceptional system performance, reliability and high availability
  • Security, convenience and reassurance – spend less time managing your CMS and more on producing compelling content
  • 24/7 Follow-the-Sun, providing real-time response to issues as they arise
  • Enjoy the ongoing benefits of the global open source community contributions