Protect Your Enterprise Moodle with 24/7 Support from Catalyst.

8 August 2023 by Catalyst

If you operate a large organisation, have global clients, or have systems that require 24/7 support for users, the Catalyst Follow The Sun support model is worth exploring. It will provide:

  • Better quality system support – more “daytime” attention to respond to your needs
  • Ability to perform out-of-hours updates and upgrades – meaning less disruption to your business
  • High availability – rapid response to incidents
  • Access to a large pool of technical resources to support your projects and achievement of business goals

Let’s have a closer look at how we do it.

2023 marks seven years since the launch of the Catalyst 24/7 Support Model – Follow the Sun. Having been involved in High Availability application design and architecture for many years prior, it was a natural progression to share the lessons we’ve learned with our clients and to develop a standardised, reliable 24/7 support offer.

The structure of our company and our processes have been specifically designed to complement our experience in the AWS Cloud and enterprise LMS solutions. Combined, these form a real point of difference and save our clients time, money and stress, by allowing them to focus on what they do best – providing quality teaching and learning experiences.

What does Follow the Sun mean exactly?

Catalyst’s Follow the Sun Support means there’s a technical expert available to address any issues you might have with your enterprise LMS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of your time zone. “Follow the sun” literally means that work is performed during normal working hours, wherever that may be in the world.

Spread across the globe, the Catalyst team work together offering global perspective on latest innovations and improvements in Open Source software and Cloud management, with localised market knowledge and support.

Our Managing Director, Andrew Boag shows us around the Catalyst global office.

Cloud services for EdTech and Open Source software.

Why outsource to the experts.

With remote and blended learning, and new modes of studying such as short courses and micro-credentialing, education providers are faced with many opportunities. These can become their biggest challenges if they don’t have reliable systems and processes in place.

Not being tied to physical locations, students and educators have more flexibility to move on to a different employer / university or college to seek better, smoother user experience. With the declining enrolment rates across the world and rate of adoption of new technologies among staff being incompatible with that of students, higher education providers have a lot more to worry about than technical aspects of their LMS and CMS software requirements.

Adapting their course offerings, training staff and analysing student performance to be more proactive about student and employee success and retention, are just some of the key priorities for many education providers today, and are things that you can’t really outsource.

When it comes to technical support however, including cloud management, cyber security, patching, upgrades, cloud orchestration, cost management, backups and so on, outsourcing to a reliable third party supplier is the best investment. You can divert saved time to concentrating on student and staff retention; and when your technologies run smoothly, they ensure success in all other aspects of your business.

Why Catalyst?

Having completed 100s of cloud migrations worldwide andoptimising the performance of enterprise LMS and CMS, the global Catalyst team are proud to have been the enablers of the following for our clients:

  • Reliable, flexible and scalable support
  • Highly optimised infrastructure
  • Peace of mind during high peak times, including high stakes e-assessments
  • Routine preventative IT maintenance and priority security patching for Moodle sites
  • Out of hours updates for minimum or zero disruption
  • Rapid response to any issues or emergencies
  • Latest expert tips and trusted advice
  • Cost savings

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