The changes in demands on Enterprise LMS technology have driven new complexities in integration and authentication, where broader security requirements such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) are required to make it easy for users to move to these new models, while maintaining the organisation’s overall security posture.

When adapting to the environment around us, we cannot and must not forget the impact of learning delivery models on learning outcomes.  This is critical to the maintaining the standards and success of the learners, the educators and the institutions themselves.

The shift to online learning, which accelerated through the pandemic, has meant that it is more important than ever for organisations to be on top of the impact of service delivery on the quality of teaching. A crucial set of metrics for the Higher Education sector in Australia, published each year, are the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) surveys. While their primary purpose is to provide prospective students with comparative statistics on the real-life experiences of current students and recent graduates in Australian Universities, they have been extremely helpful in measuring and assessing the impact of changing delivery models on students and how they feel about the changes.

Open source Enterprise LMS support

With open source technology, such as Moodle, the quality and experience of your service provider can be the difference between success, mediocrity and failure. Finding a provider that has proven experience of delivering and providing ongoing support for Enterprise LMS in your industry is a very good indicator to go by.

Catalyst services for LMS

The team here at Catalyst, has extensive experience in working directly with multiple enterprise teams to build Moodle and Totara solutions that deliver high performance, cyber resilient platforms, as well as competitive TCO.  We’d recommend that you invest at the beginning, to establish a strong foundation and structure to support things that matter to your business today and into the future.

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Our deployment team works to ensure that LMS administration processes are created as enterprise workflows, such that ongoing support for tasks including user provisioning and course development are simple and easy to manage internally without needing vendor support.

Catalyst is a Premium Moodle Certified Partner, working with the technology since 2004. Our team has extensive experience of building custom architectures, deployment models, plugins and add-ons and a set of integrations that allow us to build fully enterprise ready learning solutions to meet any need, at any scale, be it on premise or in the Cloud.

For more information on designing and delivering an Enterprise LMS to meet your organisation’s needs, contact the team at Catalyst today.

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