Catalyst IT partner with Course Merchant to offer a sophisticated e-commerce solution for their clients.

22 November 2022 by Catalyst

E-commerce provider Course Merchant and Catalyst IT partner to offer a sophisticated e-commerce solution for their clients.

“This collaboration will allow our current and future clients to achieve a seamless integration between their learning and course management systems and e-commerce,” said Andrew Boag, Managing Director of Catalyst IT Australia and CEO of Catalyst IT Canada.

“We already have a few clients in Canada who are using this integration, adding to the 250+ companies from around the world who are using Course Merchant, and enjoying the flexibility and benefits that it offers. These include: efficient delivery of purchase and enrolment process, savings in admin time, flexibility in purchasing options such as multi seat module, bundled products, membership discounts, and more, not to mention the extra income streams that this platform facilitates.”

“Selling online education has never been easier. Whether you are an existing higher education provider who wants to sell a high volume of short courses (micro credentialing) or a business offering on-demand webinars or tutorials. Together with Course Merchant, we can help you make this happen.”

Course Merchant’s ongoing partnership with Catalyst IT Canada has been a terrific success, with a growing number of mutual clients using our combined technologies to offer seamless e-commerce access to online learning. We greatly welcome the expansion of this partnership to Catalyst IT Australia and look forward to making this a truly global endeavour!

Richard Standen, Managing Director, Course Merchant.

When it comes to security, Catalyst IT and Course Merchant have you covered as both companies are ISO/IEC27001 certified.

With the flexibility and integrations Course Merchant offers (including Moodle), the great variety of payment gateways and the resilience of open source software, your business will thrive.

About Course Merchant

Course Merchant is a front-end course catalogue coupled with a robust and efficient payments and enrolments system. It is designed specifically for selling courses online and has been developed and road tested in real-world business settings. It accepts payments and provides automated enrolments with single sign-on (SSO) access into popular Learning Management Systems.

About Catalyst IT

Catalyst IT is a multi-region IT and software development company that has been providing enterprise level services for edtech and open source software for over 25 years.

Catalyst IT Australia specialise in e-learning solutions and are the driving force behind the company’s global expansion and sought after 24/7 Follow the Sun Support model for multi-region clients.

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