The Moodle Academy is here

16 August 2021 by Catalyst

We are delighted to support our technology partner, Moodle, in their launch of the Moodle Academy.  The official learning hub for Moodle educators, LMS administrators and developers, you are now able to gain valuable knowledge and skills, earn badges that provide evidence of your learning and carve out a learning pathway to support your career ambitions and professional development.

Moodle Academy introduction

Moodle has created a welcome video, featuring the Moodle Academy Manager, Jessica Gramp and the Moodle Education Manager, Mary Cooch. Hear what they have to say:

A short 90 seconds video overview of  Moodle Academy

Moodle is very focused on developing  Moodle Academy to support all members of it’s global community, providing courses in a wide range of languages.

We have always given our community ways to learn Moodle – not just educators, but also administrators and developers, whether through our Learn Moodle courses, our forums, documentation, videos or MoodleMoots – we have an incredibly active community and Moodle Academy will become the home for all these learning opportunities and more. Online learning has grown at exponential rates over the last decade, and the pandemic has only increased that. It is more important than ever that we support our community to develop the skills required to create and facilitate great online learning experiences.

 Martin Dougiamas, Moodle CEO & Founder

Courses for Moodle educators, administrators and developers

red letter M with a red mortarboard hanging off the top left hand corner

There is an extensive variety of courses for educators, whether you are just starting out on your Moodle journey or you are operating at an advanced level, to help you learn and improve how to teach online with Moodle.

Learn Moodle Basics

  • Designed for anyone wanting to teach with Moodle
  • 4-week facilitated MOOC, twice a year (approx 16 hours study time over 4 weeks)
  • Train on the latest Moodle release
  • Runs twice a year
  • Connect and be inspired with our vibrant Moodle community
  • Build and take away your own practice course
  • Earn a badge and optional certificate upon course completion

Explore ‘Learn Moodle Basics’

Moodle Teaching Basics

  • Designed for educators
  • Self-paced, always open, approx 12 hours study time)
  • Discover the best ways to display teaching materials and track progress
  • Explore grading in Moodle, including quizzes, assignments and H5P
  • Check your progress with meaningful tasks
  • Earn a badge and optional certificate upon course completion

Explore ‘Moodle Teaching Basics’

Moodle Teaching Next Level

  • Designed for educators with some experience with Moodle
  • Self-paced, always open, (approx 20 hours study time)
  • Develop best practice online pedagogy with Moodle
  • Explore advanced tools and settings such as Workshop, Lesson, Groups and Gradebook
  • Check your progress with meaningful tasks
  • Earn a badge and optional certificate upon course completion

Explore ‘Moodle Teaching Next Level’

Moodle Educator Certification Program

  • Designed for individuals or larger educational organisations with Moodle experience.
  • Get certified and demonstrate my digital competence as an educator using the Moodle platform.

Explore MEC Program


Video tutorials

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Depending on the Moodle version that your organisation is currently using, there are some great video playlists
that can really help you get up to speed with your Moodle quickly:


Custom support for your Moodle platform

Moodle e-Learning Consulting

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Are you an LMS Administrator responsible for measuring and reporting on student engagement, student success and retention?  Are  you looking for ways to help your teachers use your LMS to achieve their learning goals? Our team of Moodle LMS experts work with enterprise level Moodle clients, across the Higher Education and Government sectors.   Leverage  our e-Learning Consulting Team’s expert technical knowledge to achieve your goals, quickly and effectively.

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