COVID-19 Update

17 March 2020 by Catalyst


Update: March 17, 2020

As the impact of COVID-19 increases around the world, Catalyst wanted to let our clients and partners know the steps that Catalyst is taking to ensure continuity of service during the coming weeks and months. These are times of new pressures and not without their challenges.

Catalyst has formed a Business Continuity team that are meeting daily to discuss new information that needs our attention. We have also cancelled all non-essential travel by the Australian team.

Catalyst aims to maintain the level of service that our clients have come to expect from us, as well as to adhere to the custodial care that we need to for our team. We have taken numerous steps already to minimise the disruption over the coming weeks including restricting business travel and encouraging hygiene practices in our offices. We have also successfully tested our Business Continuity Plans and confirmed that all areas of our business are able to work from outside our offices if needed.

In addition, we already have our application infrastructure and supports teams split across three offices and working remotely from each other 24×7. This minimises the risk that any one team will become in any way incapacitated. Our global Follow The Sun team is also fully up and running, meaning we still have the advantage of our distributed infrastructure support team.

Our preparations give us very high confidence that we will continue to manage and support your applications and cloud workloads. Catalyst IT is experienced in working with our customers remotely and as a result we expect little disruption to your experience with us. We have grown our business over
the last 15 years interacting with customers virtually – whether to provide support, deliver projects or other interactions with the team.

We’ll be communicative to you all where we think there is a need. But very aware that everyone is already a little overwhelmed with incoming communications.

Please use the normal support channels to reach out to us our WRMS support system.

Wishing you all strength and good health. Hope we can all find things to smile about as much as possible.

Andrew Boag

Managing Director
Catalyst IT Australia


Update: March 12, 2020

Catalyst  IT Australia Pty Ltd has comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster  Recovery Plans, which are tested annually, or more frequently, as  required. We have long provided the capacity for individual staff to  work from home, which is well-tested, and we are currently ensuring  that, if needs be, entire offices can continue working from home should  widespread quarantines be imposed in any states. We foresee no  disruptions to our business continuity as a result of any official  requirements concerning COVID-19.

You  can rest assured that we also foresee no disruptions to any services  that we offer. We have a large, distributed staff and can continue to provide  oversight over your systems. Our staff can respond quickly and  effectively to any issues that might arise, no matter where they are  located. We also have the support of our other international offices,  should additional resourcing be required. We therefore anticipate that  there will be no impact on our ability to continue to deliver the high  standards of service that you expect from us.

In  response to current recommendations, any of our staff who have  travelled to, or through, higher risk countries are required to work  from home for 14 days. We would ask in return that any of your staff  that fall into the same risk profile not visit any of our locations,  until such time as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the  Department of Health, or relevant state-level departments, advise that  self-isolation is no longer necessary.

Please contact us if you have any further concerns.

Current information on COVID-19 can be found at: