This 3 minute video gives an overview of  SAML 2.0 Moodle plugin

SSO – more than just single sign-on

For a comprehensive SSO solution, it is not enough to only consider how your users sign-on, it is also important to look at what happens when they log out. Single sign-out (also known as single log out) is not talked about as much as SSO but it is just as significant to cyber security risk.

Single log out improves cyber resilience

Without a solution that handles single sign-out, sessions are left active while others are disconnected, leaving them exposed to security threats. Attackers can target these open sessions with Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and session hijacking exploits. This security risk is where single sign-out comes into play; it ensures your users successfully close all their active open sessions (or the sessions SAML 2.0 has opened for them) simultaneously, thus reducing the exploitable attack surface.

The single sign-out capability enables security teams to track and trace sessions being opened and closed across the enterprise, providing visibility of which users were logged in when attacks occurred.  Without this knowledge ( and confidence in the audit trail) it’s impossible to properly build a timeline of events leading up to a breach, something that a post breach forensic investigation relies on to identify the cause and, importantly,  the patch to fix the security issue that led to the breach.

SAML authentication to support Moodle LMS

Catalyst’s Moodle plugin for SAML 2.0 Authentication includes all associated identity provider integrations to ensure single sign-on and single sign-out occurs. The plugin enables the integration between the enterprise identity and access management solution, such as Active Directory and the Moodle LMS – meaning system administrators can undertake all the typical configuration and management activities they need to do without having to dig into the deeper technical implementation that has historically been seen as too hard.


Explore how Catalyst can help with your SSO capability

Catalyst takes cyber security very seriously, we are ISO 27001 certified. Our core Moodle services include enterprise-grade security integration to ensure your SSO and SAML systems support your security governance, risk management and compliance requirements.

If you want more information on how Catalyst can help with your SSO and MFA capability, we’d love to hear from you.

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