BBB standard integration with Moodle LMS 4.0

The release of the much anticipated Moodle 4.0 is due in early 2022.  As part of the latest release comes BBB as a standard integration.  The main benefit is that it will function, look and feel like a core part of Moodle.


Hear what BBB’s co-founder Fred Dixon has to say about the integration in an interview with Moodle’s Abby Fry

Key features

Live Learning dashboard

The live learning dashboard has been developed to support Educators and Instructors to measure and manage student engagement during a live session.  They will be able to determine:

  • How long a student has been logged into a session
  • Participation levels, using the ‘Poll’ function
  • Student learning, using the ‘Poll’ function

Timely intervention to support struggling students, when they need it most, it the key to recovering situations that would otherwise led to failure.

The ability to lock and unlock features

The Educator will be able to enable or disable key BBB features, depending on the dynamics of the class that they are teaching.  For example, if a teacher is talking to a group of K-6 school children, they may well want to restrict the private chat function or shared notes.


The analytics components of both BBB and Moodle are enhanced in Moodle 4.0. BBB will be able to analyse more data from Moodle and Moodle will be able to do the same.  Insights will provide the opportunity to learn, take action or simply share findings with students … all very valuable in the world of Education.

Expert support for BBB and Moodle

Catalyst IT provides open source software services. An expert partner of BBB and Moodle LMS, we can help with getting BBB and Moodle 4.0 established quickly and effectively in your business.

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