NEW! Connect your enterprise Moodle LMS with other LMS – thanks Catalyst and the SCORM Wrapper Plugin.

15 May 2023 by Catalyst

The benefits of offering an extended enterprise learning network are many, from efficiency in processes to extra revenue and a stronger brand. It does however, require a good system of support including:

  • An enterprise LMS that’s designed to handle the needs of both the main entity and all the partners / learners involved, and
  • Coordination of different learners and the variety of courses; plus different levels of access / rules that need to be applied to each.

The latter, can end up as an extremely inefficient and costly exercise especially if your partners and related learners use different types and / or versions of LMS. And what do you do when the partner’s LMS doesn’t support LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability), which was the case for one of our new clients recently.

Working with our client to solve their key challenges and to help achieve their goals, Catalyst IT saw there was an opportunity for an innovative ‘out-of-the-box’ solution i.e. develop a custom plugin that would not only replace their need for using a SCORM Cloud Service but also accommodate their members exiting platforms with minimal or no change.

Instead of relying on a separate SCORM Cloud Service for managing updates and delivery (to various sites), the SCORM Wrapper (scormremote) Moodle plugin sits within the client’s existing Moodle site. This offers direct control of the extended enterprise learning network including partners and users when it comes to things like:

  • Adding new and updating existing courses (SCORM Packages)
  • Reporting on and maintaining user actions
  • Monitoring course completions
  • Managing subscriptions; and
  • Managing the various levels of user access

In addition to being able to manage all the above more effectively, the SCORM Wrapper plugin delivers time and cost savings as the SCORM Cloud subscription is no longer needed.

Being open source, this Moodle plugin will be available to the open source community to enjoy free of charge and over time, as more organisations will use it in different ways, it will benefit from continuous improvements. The plugin users will enjoy the following:

  • A centralised approach to their course and user management
  • Better reporting
  • Time and cost savings
  • Being better positioned to achieve strategic goals, which for our client included: collaborating for impact, championing ‘beyond quality’ in early education, leading and inspiring professional learning and being sustainable and effective in what they do

It’s a win, win!

We highly commend our clients who are open to investing in innovative open source solutions that benefit the wider community.

Why contribute to an open source project.

Your decision to contribute to an open source project will benefit your stakeholders, the wider community and your name will be credited in the Moodle plugin directory.

We are currently collecting expressions of interest from our clients and partners to contribute to upgrading the Enrolment Key plugin which streamlines the process of controlling access to your Moodle courses. So if you are interested in contributing to this or other open source projects in future, please drop us a line.

Catalyst IT are proud to have a strong track record of delivering high-quality Moodle plugins that are well-designed, well-documented, and easy to use.