Moodle dashboard redesign – Moodle 4.0

20 October 2021 by Catalyst

Who doesn’t love a great intuitive landing page? The new Moodle dashboard that is being released in Moodle 4.0 comes after wide consultation with the Moodle community: teachers, students, LMS administrators, partners and developers. It will be a great help to learners, when it comes to prioritising their tasks and meeting their submission deadlines.

 The new navigation and improved course page structure, including the My Courses page, course index and other improvements will make the course page easier and quicker to use.

A couple of highlights of the redesign work is new Timeline and Calendar blocks on the Dashboard. Let’s take a look.

Timeline makes your deadlines more visible

Moodle’s Timeline now has a redesigned information architecture that reduces cognitive load, and clearly displays the actions required for each activity, sorted by date or by course.

The new Timeline provides an overview of deadlines and actions in a clean interface

The clear call to action buttons allow learners to easily navigate to the activity to complete the requirements; e.g. submit an assignment.

  • The introduction of highly visible “overdue” badges allows learners to identify missed deadlines more effectively.
  • The new activity icons enable users to easily recognise the type of activity that requires action.
  • A new search function means that learners can search deadlines by course, activity name or activity type.

Responsive calendar helps your learners to stay organised

The redesigned Dashboard incorporates Moodle’s Calendar.  Important dates for events and activities are highlighted, allowing educators to support their learners by inserting key information, and learners to organise themselves.

This fully responsive Calendar design will be released in Moodle 4.0

The updated design is fully responsive and displays as a large block in the main Dashboard page.

  • The Calendar now displays an improved indication of current day events and event summary, including how actions and deadlines are displayed on a particular day.
A handy current day event summary 

Both educators and learners will benefit from simplified workflows which allow users to add or export calendars into other programs, as a backup or to create a copy.

For more information on the Moodle 4.0, you can join the Moodle UX communitysign up to the usability testing and review  Moodle 4.0 documentation. Moodle 4.0 is scheduled for release at the end of this year.

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