Key Considerations When Choosing a Custom Development Partner for Your Enterprise Application.

28 February 2024 by Catalyst

Location, reputation, price, cooperation and work processes, relevant accreditations and certifications, values – there is a lot to consider when choosing a software development partner for your enterprise custom development project.

Here, we’ve summarised some of the key considerations to keep in mind:

The expert in your domain!

A partner who has a track record of delivering successful custom software applications in your industry is always a good idea.


How long have they been in business? And what kind of organisations trust them? Check their clients, case studies / project sheets and references.

Technology stack and capabilities

What programming languages, frameworks and tools do they work with? And what other support service they can provide?


Can they provide around the clock technical support and hosting after the project completion?


Can they easily scale the project team up or down based on your needs or any changes to requirements and timelines?

Security and business continuity

Does the provider’s security processes and requirements align with yours? And do they have the necessary certifications?


Pricing structure and payment terms are very important considerations but be careful not to lead your decisions with pricing considerations alone.

All the elements identified above and even things like culture fit – does the company share your values in terms of what a successful project roll-out looks like?, are important and can save you from unplanned escalating costs, which are common when organisations initially choose their provider based purely on price.

Why go for custom software development?

Custom software development, especially for large and growing organisations, is a resource heavy and often stressful exercise. If done right, however, it can deliver a much more suitable and effective solution for achieving your business goals than an off-the shelf software product.

Don’t forget that even off-the shelf products come with various costs – implementation, integration, customisation etc., as well as the cost of the long term inefficiencies caused if the solution does not integrate seamlessly with your current systems, disrupting the workflows.

Catalyst IT are highly skilled in a variety of programming languages and frameworks. We have helped numerous clients in Education, Government, Commercial and Non-for profit sectors achieve their business goals through custom application development.

We specialise in enterprise level solutions, have 20+ years of experience and are ISO27001 certified.

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Catalyst is ISO27001 certified.