Load Testing Services

Ensure that your systems have high availability and the capacity to meet future demand. Gain visibility with Catalyst load testing services.

With the ever-increasing demand for online learning comes increased load on your learning management system (LMS) and content management system (CMS).

Achieve high availability with the support of Catalyst Load Testing services.

Undertaking load testing is critical to ensure you achieve optimal performance from your systems. We can help you understand what your current maximum capacity is and provide proactive suggestions to address any shortfall.

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Leverage our expertise and benefit from the following:

  • Ensure fast load speeds
  • Maintain a positive user experience for your learners
  • Avoid system crashes that are disruptive, stressful and can cause financial and reputational damages
  • Mitigate Denial of Service (DOS) attacks – load testing is a core ingredient in the detection of, and defence against, DOS (Denial of Service) attacks on your critical infrastructure. You can use the data and reports from load testing to optimise and scale your assets

The value of Load Testing, Performance Profiling and Stress Testing


Load testing gives confidence metrics of a system’s reliability and real world capacity

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Performance profiling helps you understand the actual impact on your system of heavy load events


Identify points of failure and evaluate how a system recovers


More accurate capacity planning for future growth in traffic


Achieve high availability with Catalyst Load Testing services

  • Protect your users, your organisation and your brand
  • Get real-time insights into performance and reliability
  • Proactively manage your learners experience
  • Troubleshoot to identify precise issues and suggestions to resolve them quickly
  • Get a deep drill down to find out what’s slowing down your website
  • Generate simple, easy to understand reports detailing the issues, fixes and results

Catalyst team are trusted by some of the largest university LMS and CMS solutions around the world, that have tens of thousands concurrent users.

Explore how Catalyst can help you achieve high availability