A tool for systematic USI verification

13 September 2021 by Catalyst

Are you a Higher Education Provider or RTO that needs to integrate USI (Unique Student Identifier) web services with your Student Management System (SMS)? Last year, the Development Team at Catalyst worked on the creation of a USI verification tool for the NSW Department of Education. The solution supports the business and its staff, by providing a consistent, systematic process to create and verify USIs that eliminates typographical errors and saves time.   


The USI verification process

As a higher education provider you need to verify your students USIs by accessing the USI Registry System.  This can be done in one of two ways: 

  •  Integrating USI web services with your Student Manamgent System (SMS) or Learning Management System (LMS), or;
  •  Accessing the USI portal directly.

Integrating USI web services with your SMS / LMS

By opting to integrate USI web services, it will help you to:

  •    Verify single or multiple USIs;
  •    Find existing USIs (with the students’ permission of course); 
  •    Create single or multiple USIs, at your convenience;
  •    View and update personal and contact details, for students that give access to their accounts. 

USI verification tool case study

Help to implement USI web services

Would you like the assurance of working with an experienced development team that has worked on integrating USI web services? Alternatively, you many want to create your own customisation that will streamline your operations?

The development team at Catalyst has in-depth knowledge of the higher education edtech space. As a Premium Moodle Certified Partner, we work with large, enterprise universities to provide technical support that frees them up to concentrate on their business goals.

Learn more about our USI verification tool  and how we can support your organisation to optimise operations and save time.

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