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Looking to the future, we will be delving deeper into IT infrastructure environment refreshes, looking at how we continue to extend the scope of our pipelines to the few applications that are still to be automated. We will be updating our agents to include Ubuntu 20.04 and containerise them, as well as hosting build agents directly in the application’s AWS account to further minimise the permissions required to complete deployments.

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We are exploring how we host build agents in the cheapest regions (globally) to take advantage of overnight spot prices and boosting our collection of metrics for more complete business intelligence reporting on unit test coverage and success rates. Finally, our team is developing the means to integrate infrastructure as code for complete infrastructure updates into the end-to-end automation process.

GoCD, thank you for the last 7 years.  We look forward to developing our relationship further, continuing to automate and introduce new build steps in the deployment process into the pipeline.

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