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Protect Your Enterprise Moodle with 24/7 Support from Catalyst.

2023 marks seven years since the launch of the Catalyst 24/7 Support Model – Follow the Sun. Having been involved in High Availability application design and architecture for many years prior, it was a natural progression to share the lessons we’ve learned with our clients and to develop a standardised, reliable 24/7 support offer. Click below to learn more.

Moodle Analytics and Reporting: what you should be measuring to improve student success.

If you’re an education provider and your learners’ success is one of your key goals, we don’t need to tell you that you cannot do without quality data practices. Getting the right data, making sense of it and acting upon it is key to the continuous improvement of your practices and your students’ success. There are several ways to track student progress in Moodle and beyond. Click below to learn more.

Data analytics and Moodle, getting access to your data.

One of the many advantages of using an open source product like Moodle with a company like Catalyst, is we believe that your LMS data is yours. Over the years, we have had several clients come to us asking for copies of their LMS data in different formats. It often comes as a surprise that we are able to facilitate this at all, and we suspect that some don’t ask at all for what they need thinking its impossible.
Alex Lawn

Are you paying enough attention to your AWS spend? A few tips on how you could save thousands of dollars.

Previously, we shared with you some of the strategies we have used to cut our AWS spend in half. Since then, we have identified some of the other areas in the cloud that save us and our clients time and money, and we’d like to share some of them with you today.

Supercharge your business: why it pays to be open.

Open sourcing fosters a sustainable life for your projects and better quality results for your end user and your bottom line alike. Think about a fresh cup of coffee. What do you care about most from the below...

Does your digital strategy empower your business goals, or hinder them?

The P’s - PEOPLE. PURPOSE. PROFIT. - are important but how effective and efficient you can be in achieving the bigger goals under each of those strategic pillars, will increasingly depend on the decisions you make around investments in and the use of technologies. 10 things we noted for you at THETA 2023...

Controlling access to your Moodle courses is easy with ‘Enrolment Key’ plugin.

If you're an educator or administrator using Moodle, you know that enroling new users can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. With the "Moodle Enrolment key based self-registration" plugin, you can streamline the process and make it easier for new users to both create their new account and enrol in courses.

Moodle administrators, how much control do you have over your site? Here are the dashboard views you will find useful.

Not all Moodle site administrators see the very important information as to how their site is being used. Here, we touch on the questions you should be asking yourself to make better decisions about your Moodle site functionality and security, as well as share some of the dashboard views you will find useful.

Higher Education Providers’ Current Challenges and Opportunities.

Are you being honest about the real effects of the decisions made in a rush? While many educators and students are embracing learning management systems and enjoying the flexibility of working / learning from home, latest industry research findings confirm that the declining rate of student engagement is one of the biggest challenges higher education providers are now dealing with. In this blog, we unpack this and other challenges as well as opportunities for higher education providers. Click below.

The Rise of Micro-credentialing.

Education and training is often an expensive and time consuming exercise for both individuals and businesses. The need for proper digital infrastructure and quicker, more affordable ways to upskill talent is clear. Micro-credentialing is an excellent solution for both worlds – education providers and consumers. Click below to learn why and how we can help you sell more courses online.