Celebrating 20 Years of Moodle LMS

24 November 2021 by Catalyst

November 2021 marks the 20 Year Anniversary of Moodle LMS.  That’s 20 years of community collaboration that has delivered 128,746 code commits from 57 countries, submitted by 871 developers on behalf of their development teams. This is the power of the Moodle LMS open source project. The Catalyst Team is super proud to be a Premium Moodle Certified Partner and a key contributor to the community. Congratulations everyone!  

The strength of Moodle today is testament to the work done by the Moodle community.  The work that we do continues to innovate and ensures that existing features continue to function and evolve.  It is a continuous cycle of improvement. 

Hear what Moodle’s CEO has to say

I’m proud that many, many millions of people benefit from the openness of Moodle: educators, students, governments, and organisations in every country in the world. When I first started Moodle over 20 years ago, it was because I saw an opportunity to better use the internet to improve the quality of education all over the world. Every new commit is a renewal of that commitment.

Martin Dougiamas, Moodle CEO & Founder

Committed to the philosophy of open source sofware, Moodle works to deliver freedom in education technology.  This enables education to flourish and grow in an equitable and accessible way.

The flexibility of Moodle

Moodle is a highly extensive learning management system (LMS). It scales to a variety of use cases, from small, on premise, highly targeted solutions for small businesses, to a fully integrated cloud-based solution for universities servicing the academic needs of thousands of students and hundreds of faculty staff.  It is a very powerful platform.

Support for Enterprise Moodle LMS

If your team does have a responsibility to deliver and maintain an Enterprise Moodle LMS, then the quality and experience of a proven service provider can be the difference between success, mediocrity and even costly mistakes. It can also give you the ability to meet a tight deadline that, given your own resources, seems impossible.

Premium Moodle Certified Partner

Catalyst is a Premium Moodle Certified Partner, working with the technology since 2004. Our team has extensive experience in working directly with multiple Enterprise teams to build Moodle solutions that deliver high performance, cyber resilient platforms, as well as providing competitive total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Our deployment team works to ensure that LMS administration processes are created as enterprise workflows, such that ongoing support for tasks including user provisioning and course development are simple and easy to manage internally without needing vendor support. Our architects and developers also have experience of building custom architectures, deployment models, plugins and add-ons and a set of integrations that allow us to build fully enterprise ready learning solutions to meet any need, at any scale, be it on premise or in the Cloud.

For more information on support for your designing and delivering an Enterprise LMS to meet your organisation’s needs, contact the team at Catalyst today.

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