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A cloud based in New Zealand and built for the apps of tomorrow. Our cloud enables you to innovate quickly, while increasing efficiency levels and retaining data sovereignty. It is the ideal cloud hosting service for modern web applications.

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Using the Catalyst Cloud means that you can focus on your core business, and your customers, and have your IT provided as a service. With a pay-as-you-go model, it requires no upfront investments or long-term commitments and offers extremely competitive hourly rates.

When using our cloud, you are in full control of your IT services. We empower you to do things quickly, in fully automated fashion, and through a simple interface. Our services are fully programmable and can be driven via APIs, command line tools or a user-friendly web dashboard. This enables you to achieve outstanding results with modern web or mobile applications, or to structure your own on-demand service offerings for your customers.

Catalyst Cloud enables Actionstep to pursue our growth strategy in New Zealand and beyond with confidence.Ted JordanCEO, Actionstep

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The Catalyst Cloud offers a range of services built with enterprise capabilities that are the building blocks for your business and IT needs. It gives you control over the geographic region of cloud services, allowing you to chose from three regions (Hamilton, Porirua, Wellington).

Elastic cloud services

  • Compute service: On-demand compute resources that scale with your business and are paid by the hour.
  • Image service: Allows you to upload your own machine images to our cloud, so you can run your preferred operating system and software, or choose from a range of pre-configured images provided by Catalyst.
  • Block storage: Reliable, scalable and fast block storage for compute instances.
  • Object storage: Durable, internet scale storage offered over HTTP for modern web applications.
  • Network: You are in full control of the design of your software-defined networks (SDN) and security groups (firewall rules). Our cloud is built upon a highly available and reliable 10Gbps network with a 40Gbps core.
  • VPN-as-a-Service (beta): Unleashes the power of hybrid clouds, allowing you to interconnect your existent data centres, office networks and other cloud vendors with the Catalyst Cloud. All data is encrypted via a secure IPsec tunnel.
  • Metered services and monitoring: Everything in our cloud is metered and follows a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Cloud orchestration: Deploy an entire application stack using a simple template and let the cloud orchestrate it for you.
  • Usage costs: Shows an estimate for the current usage, broken down per service, and the usage history over the last twelve months.
  • Premium support: Choose the level of support and advice you need form our cloud experts.
A real game changer for NZ and open source globally. Jay DaleyChief Executive at NZ Domain Name Registry

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